Healing...Straight from the Heart.


Healing...Straight from the Heart.

Student and Client Testimonials


"Taking the Level 1 and Level 2 courses from Krismas was a very enlightening experience.

 I found that even though I'd taken Level 1 before, I still learned so much. The relaxed and peaceful atmosphere of her home was particularly conducive to the flow of energy as we practiced the techniques she shared. 

Of all the teachers I've had, Krismas provided the best learning experiences. Her guidance and encouragement have left me feeling more confident in my ability to do this work and excited to teach it when I complete my certification. 

I look forward to doing my mentorship with her when the time comes. 

If you want an in-depth Quantum-Touch learning experience, study with one of the masters, Krismas Adams!" 

Tina St. Onge,  TN


There's something very special about Krismas...from the energy she puts off when you first meet her to the way she teaches the material. She makes it easy for anyone to understand. 

Being in her class was an experience I will always remember." 

Nathaniel S., UT


"Thank you!  I have to tell you, I was THRILLED at how much I learned!!!  

Thanks again for doing these classes for me!  It has been such a wonderful experience for me!"   

 Ingrid Eggert - Washington Terrace, UT


"Krismas Adams, as a teacher, has great insight and real enthusiasm for the discipline and art of energy in the body and the soul.  

Krismas is  gifted with healing knowledge and skills that gives both physical relief and soothes the soul.  She loves to help others live fuller, happier and more rewarding lives. 

Krismas loves to empower her students with her knowledge and skills so their personal lives are bettered and they in turn love to help others.  Because of this her students are strong ambassadors and clinicians for the practice of each of the modalities that she teaches."                                

Julie. W. - SLC, UT 


"Krismas is an Amazing Instructor. She is filled with endless amounts of information and insight for healing the mind, body, and spirit. 

She's intuitive to the needs of the people that she helps and brings inspiration and a new positive outlook to life."  

Carly Wilson - Draper, UT