Healing...Straight from the Heart.


Healing...Straight from the Heart.

Your Heart Energy

Welcome to Your Heart Energy

*Just a few Questions for you.

Are you in Harmony with your Mind & Body?

Are you living a Heart Based Life?

If you are in harmony with your energies you can 

expand your connection to life. 

My desire is to help you get the freedom, clarity

and peace you may be looking for. 

Sometimes our emotions get stuck in our body and/or energy field and over time can cause illness and pain. 

Whether you have a need in your body, mind, spirit and emotions, your energy system is involved.

Each emotion: love, gratitude, fear, forgiveness, 

doubt,  confidence, happiness, 

sadness all have a distinct vibration.

Love is a higher vibration. 

Fear is a lower vibration. 

To heal we need to change our vibration to a higher vibration.

With Quantum-Touch you can.

*Please visit the Quantum-Touch page to learn more.

You are a healer. Your body intelligence can take life force energy and by intention, attention and body awareness you may learn to help others as well as yourself.

*See workshop/sessions page to see workshops.

Source Harmonies

A beautiful and elegant modality that adjusts to your body's needs. 

Swirling colors beyond your imagination that heal. 

With angelic tones that lift our vibrations higher and higher.

Crytalic-vortexing going through each cell. 

And Quantum Energy healing body systems.

All these and more as if a prescription just for you.

With a energetic blanket to warm and hold you while you heal yourself.

It's elegant and beautiful... Source Harmonies

Strait from above... to your Heart and Soul.